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Audio visual communications systems integration for corporate, education, public sector organisations. Integrated AV solutions for effective communications and improved productivity.

Integrated Audio Visual Solutions

Carillion Communications specialises in integrating audio visual systems into all commercial environments including corporate, public and educational. Carillion's audio visual integrated solutions improve the effectiveness of communications for a range of applications including video conferencing suites, breakout and meeting rooms, prestigious boardrooms and broadcast quality auditoria and lecture theatres.

Integrated audio visual solutions range from simple meeting rooms with simple presentation equipment integrated with a video conferencing system, to a corporate boardroom integrated with state-of-the-art comms systems and multipoint video conferencing controlled by a programmable touch panel control that also manages lighting and blinds.

Carillion specialises in designing and building integrated audio visual solutions tailored to your specific needs. Carillion advises on all the latest AV technology to ensure that you achieve the right integrated solution that is easy for the users to operate. AV technology has become increasingly complex with many different models and specifications to choose from. Carillion only works with market leading manufacturers and we can you make the right choices for an assured ROI and reliability.

Carillion's integrated approach to communications has helped many high profile companies and public sector organisations throughout the UK and globally. By working directly with the client, main contractor or consultant, Carillion's in-house Project Managers ensure installations are installed, programmed and commissioned to the highest standards.

This video illustrates the case of a customer whose comms systems had largely fallen into disuse. They now enjoy multi-site connectivity and new productivity as direct benefits of integrated communication systems that include AV and VC technologies, IPTV and video walls, Softcat video.

Please get in touch to discuss how effective communications systems integration can help you achieve new levels of productivity.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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