Carillion Communications Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Carillion Communications Limited.

We take corporate responsibility seriously as an employer and supplier. Carillion is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and to doing its best to preserve the environmental and human resources in its business activities.

We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the people we work with.

Our CSR policy sets out the principles we follow:


Shared principles

Social and environmental responsibility involves everyone. We aim to develop and implement social and environmental policies which fit in with our everyday activities and responsibilities.

Honesty and accountability

We behave honestly, with integrity and with trustworthiness in all our activities and our relationships with others. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. Work to fair terms and conditions and pay suppliers to agreed terms.

Sustainable progress

We are committed to improving our performance. We will take into account technical developments, changing environments, costs and customer concerns and expectations in the development and implementation of all new social and environmental policies and procedures. We comply with all relevant laws and legislation.




We deliver quality VC and AV products and provide a fast and reliable support and maintenance service from our trained and experienced staff.

To this end, we are focused on making Carillion Communications Limited a place where people feel supported, can develop their skills and have a clear understanding of our business objectives.

We are committed to ensuring that our entire business is conducted according to professional, ethical and legal standards.

We operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees and do not accept discrimination of any kind.

We offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and promote and encourage personal development and training. We respect the rights of every employee and treat them fairly and with dignity.

We maintain a clear and fair employee remuneration policy and maintain forums     for employee consultation and business involvement.

We have put in place procedures to minimise waste and landfill, excessive packing materials, energy wastage, non-essential travel, as far as possible within our business capability.

Health and safety

We shall provide, and strive to maintain, a clean, healthy and safe working environment providing a workplace where our employees feel safe is not only a legal obligation, but a fundamental factor in building their engagement with the company. 

Through management intervention, awareness campaigns and a culture that encourages employees to raise concerns about the workplace safety, we aim to reduce the frequency of accidents.

Our Health & Safety Workshops promote and develop cooperation between all employees to ensure health and safety management is embedded into management and business processes.

This is supported by our Health & Safety Policy.


The company is subject to a variety of risks which could have a negative impact on its performance and financial position. The Directors are responsible for the system of internal control and risk management and for reviewing company effectiveness.


We are in business to deliver value to our customers. All that we do is geared to providing world class VC and AV products and the best possible customer experience.

We have a passion for excellence and we take pride in our ability to solve our customers’ problems, focusing on delivering innovative engineering solutions in a timely manner. We aim for true customer satisfaction by understanding our clients’ needs and building partnerships.

We maximise the use of advanced communications facilities to improve efficiency, timeliness, cost and environmental impact.

We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our published standards of service. Our contracts will clearly set out the agreed terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship.

We will operate in a way that safeguard’s against unfair business practices.

Relationship and supply chain management

We recognise the importance of the supply chain and we are committed to developing secure relationships based on mutual trust for mutual benefit.

We will conduct our business relationships with integrity and courtesy, and honour our trading commitments. We respect the human rights of all the people we come into contact with- employees, suppliers, customers, and support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our aim is to build long-term relationships, we encourage suppliers and contractors to comply with and work to our high standards.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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