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Digital signage is the use of a Display Device (Plasma or LCD screen) driven by a Media Player to present a variety of information, entertainment or advertising (Media) to an audience wherever they may be located.

Today, digital signage is used create messges with remarkable impact in single locations, such as a reception area, or to distrinute messages throughout an office or across multiple sites. In retail, digital signage provides an effective way to inform consumers and promote products. In the corporate world, digital signage provides an elegant way to keep people informed and engaged with daily events or company news and objectives.

The beauty of messages delivered on digital signage is that they can be centrally controlled very easily, and timed and automated to ensure that right messages are on screen and visible as appropriate to the time of day, season or region.

Digital signage is similar to video conferencing in that it is communicating through a visual tool except digital signage is one way, transmit only. The Media Player is generally updated with new media via digital file transfer – either manually using portable memory modules or via a computer network such as the Internet or a network owner's Intranet.

It’s worth noting that plasma displays are not generally recommended for digital signage because of the tendency for static images to 'burn' into the screen.

Carillion Communications has advised on digital signage solutions and installed systems in a wide range of locations: shops and other retail environments, corporate offices and reception areas, canteens and cafeteria, open plan work spaces, public attractions and venues with high footfall, and hospitality, hotels and leisure venues.

Digital signage is frequently used to pass on real-time information and in offices has proved to be a more effective, more inclusive way of communicating than email.

Whether you are starting from scratch or simply updating your digital display technology, Carillion will be able to advise you on the signage technology options available and design the best digital signage solution.

You may find ideas on how to deploy digital signage in your company. Watch this video on how digital signage is used to welcome visitors and motivate staff at Softcat's head office.

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