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“I have never known Clickshare not to be able to connect with a device. That’s why it is so popular. There are so many different device outputs, Windows, Mac, VGA, HDMI, mini-display … but the Clickshare dongle connects with them all.” Tata Technologies

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To get a real feel for why ClickShare gets rave reviews from users, book a trial.

ClickShare wireless presentation system: instant, intuitive, 100% connectable and reliable

Kiss goodbye to cable clutter and start a meeting presentation at the precise second you want to begin, simply by pressing a button. Connect ANY device and enjoy crystal clear vision and audio. Switch presenters or run multiple presentations simultaneously. No software download, simple to integrate. ClickShare users win back hours of meeting time; businesses reduce the need for meetings IT support.

Wireless presentations without delays, frustration or stress

Meetings typically take 12-15 minutes to set-up, with further delays when presenters switch devices. If you want to make the most of every second of presenting time, ClickShare is the ideal solution.

Achieve more with ClickShare wireless presentation

  1. Connect ANY device
  2. Switch or share presentions instantly
  3. Enjoy simple integration
  4. Crystal clear sound and vision
  5. ClickShare is intuitive and self-service
  6. Watch as technophopes learn to love ClickShare

Install ClickShare and let users take care of the rest

Even technophobes love ClickShare. With ClickShare installed, the IT department and facilties managers can simply leave users to look after themselves. ClickShare connects with any device and meetings and presentations start instantly.


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To get a real feel for why ClickShare always gets rave reviews from users in meeting rooms designed and installed by Carillion Communications, book a trial. Enjoy the freedom of wireless presenting.

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