Video Conferencing Partner | Your partner for conferencing technology, support, advice
Video Conferencing Partner | Your partner for conferencing technology, support and advice

Video Conferencing Partner | Your partner for conferencing technology, support and advice

Choosing an experienced and reliable video communications or video conferencing technology partner is critical in a world that relies on clear, in-office, country-wide or global communications and collaboration.

Carillion Communications is all about understanding clients' business and infrastructure needs and delivering conferencing solutions that guaranteed up-time and usability to help them operate and compete.

Before you select a video conferencing partner, consider these questions:

  • Does the company you're considering have an impeccable video conferencing technology and engineering track record?
    Have they worked with business and on projects like yours? For how long? Has it been for one, two, five, ten or more years? The answer will help to build confidence in your final decision.

  • Does the Video conferencing company understand your needs?
    Ask yourself who the VC potential supplier is putting first; is it your company and your needs? Or is the potential VC partner trying to pitch you an off-the-shelf solution that is easier for them?

  • Is everything clear?
    Do you understand the Video Conferencing technology being explained to you? Or does the jargon make things fuzzy, either for you or one of your colleagues involved in decision making?

  • Are quotes, budgets and project plans crystal clear?
    Pricing clarity are what every consumer of technology wants. What is your experience in your early dealings with a potential VC partner? Do feel comfortable that you have a full grasp of their proposal, or is it hard to interpret?

  • Are you confident that the prospective video conferencing partner can integrate new VC technology with the rest of your infrastructure and any legacy systems?
    Integration is key to smooth operations and the skill and effectiveness of VC integration can have a substantial impact on costs as well as usability. It's worth checking how everything is going to work together.

  • Can you speak directly to your potential video conferencing partner’s other customers?
    There is no proof like the evidence of someone who's already sampled a service. If possible, take advantage of talking to other customers and ask what VC challenges wanted to overcome, why and how they chose their VC partner, and what life like since appointment.

We invite you to consider Carillion Communications as a VC technology partner.

You’ll find client feedback about Carillion’s approach on our Carillion team and cartoon pages. Or you can read case studies and watch client videos about their video conferencing challenges, for example Softcat’s new build or Giles Travel office refurbishment.

Please get in touch and talk video conferencing.

Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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