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Video Conferencing Solutions

One of the longest established video conferencing integrators in the UK, Carillion has specialised in this field for more than 20 years, helping many organisations to reap the rewards of video communications.

Solutions range from design and installation of global video networks for the British Government to one-off systems in small businesses, and everything in between.

Design and integration are our core skills and we love a challenge, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss yours.

Global warming and the current economic climate are key drivers to changing the way we work, reducing travel costs and carbon emissions.

Video conferencing, a crucial communications tool for the majority of medium to large companies, is helping organisations all over the world to make those changes successfully.

Once the sole domain of corporate enterprises, video conferencing now delivers benefits to all sizes of company as well as individuals working from home. Carillion offers clear, comprehensive advice and can provide the very latest videoconferencing / telepresence solutions from leading manufacturers.

Our question to you is, if you're not successfully using video conferencing, why not?



Carillion has 20 years’ experience rolling out video conferencing (VC) solutions

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