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Work experience at Carillion Communications

Work Experience Henry and Tom

Work Experience Henry and Tom


Carillion Communications were pleased to welcome two pupils for Work Experience, June 2018.

Henry and Tim joined us for a week from Eton College.

We were impressed by how Henry and Tim navigated a tough, real-world process to gain a work experience place. They had to specify their area of interest, compile a CV, make an application and undergo an interview, which can be a daunting sequence even for seasoned pros. We were glad to have Henry and Tim with us, and this is what they had to say.

Henry on work experience
I was impressed by Carillion and enjoyed my time on work experience. I was surprised by how everyone gets on and how relaxed it is at work. I was expecting it to be a bit stiff. I liked the atmosphere.

I applied for work experience in Finance, so spent most of my time with the Finance team and some with Sales Support. I worked on a payment run and helped to create some invoices. I learned how to find my way around Sage.

I didn’t have a clear idea about a job or university but now I definitely want to get more experience in Finance.

Tim on work experience
I’m interested in STEM so I applied for work experience in Engineering. My Number 1 impression of Carillion is how friendly people are. I had a great time.

I spent most of my time with Thomas Waring and some of the engineers. I worked on SY panels and did some programming involving screens and projectors. I was also introduced to Barco Clickshare, a meetings device.

I got a clear idea of how a workplace functions. It was much less formal than I was expecting, but there is definitely a team behind everything that’s done.

In the future I would like to explore electrical engineering, computer science and robotics.

Carillion work experience observations
We’re delighted to have given Henry and Tim an insight into our AV world. We’re also pleased that they noticed the importance we place on teamwork and creating an enjoyable place to work. Whatever Henry and Tim do in future we hope they find companies in which they feel supported by their colleagues and can continue to develop their skills and interests.

Thomas Waring on Tim
Tim has been a pleasure to have with us. Every day he arrived on time and was ready to take on any task given to him, whether it be tidying up the engineering office or helping to load the vans. Tim showed a keen interest in programming so we worked together to programme SY button panels, which Tim picked up very quickly. Tim is always thinking outside the box and looking at new ways to improve. He’s focused and very friendly, and I wish him the best of success in the future.

Elaine Harper on Henry
Henry came to Carillion as he wanted to get experience working in Finance, so we undertook to give him some hands-on practical experience on Sage Accounts and Excel spreadsheets. All members of the Finance team spent time with him to give as broad an experience as possible. He completed a supplier payment run, bank reconciliation and inputting supplier invoices on the purchaser side. On sales ledger - he undertook opening job packs, raising invoices and some credit control. On management accounts we spent some time on posting accruals & prepayments on Sage. Henry also spent some time on ordering from suppliers and learning about digital signage and resource planning.

Henry was a fast learner, took everything in his stride and was willing to have a go at it all. He was very polite, got on with everyone and just fit in. It was good to hear that from his experience here, it has confirmed his thoughts that he wants to work in Finance. It was a pleasure to have him here and we wish him the best in the future.


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